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Submitting your blog or website to various sites on our directory submission list would require you to fill a lot of submission forms. We recommend that you use some web browser plugin or extension to auto-fill the forms for you. This would help you save a lot of time and effort.

Here is the step by step guide for creating backlinks using our directory submission list:
☑ Read the guidelines carefully on the submission page
☑ Select the main category which best fits the topic of your blog or website
☑ Then narrow down and select the sub-category which is most appropriate
☑ Always select the sub-category. Never leave it blank.
☑ Fill the complete submission form carefully as per guidelines
☑ Click the submit button to submit your site
☑ Usually, after you submit, you will get a confirmation message. For example, ‘Submitted and waiting for approval’.
☑ If there is a submission URL, then save it for future reference
☑ Move to next site on the directory submission list and submit your website

There is no doubt that directory submission sites are one of the most effective strategies for building backlinks. However, it is important to be cautious and avoid spammy directories. Search engines have become selective about the quality of backlinks and give more weight to backlinks from directory submission sites with high Alexa rank.

That’s why we have prepared this high-quality directory submission list with Alexa rank so that you can best optimize your link building effort. Start submitting your website to directories with high Alexa rank so that you get the highest quality backlinks first.



Buy Directory Submission Website Lists

Directory Submission Sites: Submitting your blog or website on a web directory is one the most effective ways to create high-quality backlinks to your website. However, you need to be cautious and avoid submitting links to spammy directories. That’s why we have prepared this directory submission list (with Alexa rank) to help you optimize your directory submission process. Generally, lower the Alexa rank of a directory, higher is the quality of that directory.

So we recommend that you start by submitting your blog or website to directories with highest Alexa rank and then move down the directory submission list. This way you can get the highest quality backlinks first and quickly improve the rank of your blog or website in search engines.

What is Directory Submission?
Simply speaking, Directory Submission is the process of building backlinks to your blog or website by using directory submission sites. If you want to build a high number of backlinks with a variety of anchor texts, then directory submission is one of the fastest and most effective ways. In fact, Directory Submission is the perfect way of building a strong foundation of backlinks for any blog or website.

Importance of Directory Submission
If someone asked you the biggest problem which you faced in improving your website’s traffic, what would you say? Well, most people would say search engine rankings. But to improve your website’s rank in search engines, you need to build a significant number of backlinks pointing towards your blog or website! You can easily achieve this by submitting your blog or website to various high-quality general or niche directories.

The importance of Directory Submission for SEO can be summarized as:

☑ Gets high-quality backlinks from other websites
☑ Helps in optimizing anchor text
☑ Increases the domain authority of your site
☑ Improves search engine rankings
☑ Improves popularity of your blog or website
☑ Increases the traffic to your site

Types of Directory Submission Sites
It is important to understand different types of directory submission sites so that you can select as per your requirement. There are three main types: Free, Paid, and Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites.

Free Directory Submission Sites: Submitting your blog these directories doesn’t involve any cost. As the name suggests, these directories are free. However, there is no assurance of your site getting reviewed or approved by the administrator. Hence building backlinks through free directory submission sites takes slightly more time and effort.

Paid Directory Submission Sites: You have to pay a certain fee to submit your blog or website with paid directories. However, most paid directories approve the submission and provide you a backlink within 24 hours. These paid directories are very useful when you need to get Backlinks quickly.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites: Such reciprocal directories require you to add a link to your own blog or website before approval by directory’s administrator. Once the directory submission site’s administrator is able to validate their link on your site, they approve your submission.

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